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About Us

Car Donor, a fundraising project by Mode Rehabilitation, is dedicated to supporting military veterans in the North West of England and Cheshire. By donating your unused or unwanted vehicle, you can help fund essential services and care packages for veterans transitioning back to civilian life. We accept any vehicle in any condition, making it easy for you to contribute.

Mode Rehabilitation specializes in providing mental health care and assistance programs for veterans. Our services help veterans overcome the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life, addressing their mental health needs with compassion and expertise.

Your vehicle donation supports our mission by funding these critical programs, allowing us to reach more veterans in need.

Our team handles all the paperwork and logistics, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Every vehicle, regardless of condition, can make a difference. Even if it’s not roadworthy, it can still help support our mission through parts recycling.

Why This Service is Needed

Military veterans in the UK face significant mental health challenges. The transition to civilian life can be particularly difficult, and many veterans experience conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance misuse. Here are some key statistics and issues highlighting the need for services like Car Donor:

Prevalence of Mental Health Issues

  • Approximately 52% of veterans report having mental health problems, with common conditions including depression, anxiety, and PTSD​.
  • Around 18% of veterans have been diagnosed with depression, 17% with alcohol misuse, and 15% with anxiety​​.

NHS Wait Times

  • Many veterans experience long wait times for mental health services. In some regions, the median waiting time for community mental health services is 45 days, with the 90th percentile waiting time reaching up to 251 days.
  • The lack of waiting time targets for most mental health services further exacerbates these delays, leaving many veterans without timely access to necessary care​​.

Funding Challenges

  • While the NHS has increased spending on mental health, it remains a challenge to meet the growing demand. The NHS Mental Health Investment Standard requires proportional increases in mental health spending, but local variations and non-ring-fenced budgets often lead to inadequate funding in some areas​​.
  • Additional funding initiatives, such as the £18 million provided by NHS England over three years for veteran health services, aim to address some of these gaps but are often not enough to meet all needs​​.

Why Donate Your Vehicle?

Immediate Support

By donating vehicles, Car Donor generates funds that go directly into supporting veteran services, providing immediate financial resources for mental health care, therapy, and other critical services.

Reducing Wait Times

The additional funding from Car Donor can help reduce wait times by supporting more timely access to mental health services and reducing the burden on existing NHS resources.

Holistic Care

Car Donor supports Mode Rehabilitation’s comprehensive approach, which includes mental health care, job training, and community integration programs, offering veterans a well-rounded support system.

Environmentally Friendly

Beyond supporting veterans, vehicle donations contribute to environmental sustainability through recycling and repurposing efforts, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Partner with Us

We invite automobile-related businesses to join us in our mission. Partner with Car Donor and integrate this initiative into your corporate social responsibility efforts. Together, we can amplify our impact and support those who served our country.

Partnerships can include promoting car donations, sponsoring events, or providing in-kind support such as repair services or parts.

Businesses that partner with us will receive recognition on our website and marketing materials, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility.

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