Talking Therapy

We offer a range of talking therapies including CBT, Counselling, EMDR, and Method of Levels therapy, and are able to work any diagnoses including trauma, addiction, learning difficulties, and more.

Which Therapy?

Not sure which therapy could be right for you? Get in touch to find out more.

Fast Track Access to Therapy

While the average national waiting time for therapy on the NHS is 8 weeks, in Stockport specifically the average wait time is 10 weeks. The average wait time at Mode from first contact to initial assessment is just 8 days!

Flexibility and Convenience

Not only is the Mode Hub open for business Monday – Friday 8am til 5pm, and Saturday 8am til 2pm, but our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

School Counselling and Workshops

We provide workshops and counselling to schools in Stockport, with over 1,900 pupils under our care, hosting more than 100 workshops and 1,755 counselling sessions each year.

Mental Health in Schools

Looking to implement a mental health program in your school?

School Workshops

We offer a number of workshops such as “Girls Talk”, “Men-to-Men”, Creative Expression courses, SMSC Days, Skills for Life, as well as specialist sessions for problems such as self-harm and LGBT issues.

Family Counselling

We extend our in-school support to include parents, siblings, and grandparents to help them develop the skills required to support and communicate with children struggling with mental health problems.

Working with Military Veterans

For many veterans the transition from army to civilian life can be a daunting, stressful, and disorienting experience. We provide services specifically tailored to the military experience.

We’re here to help

1/3 of veterans never ask for help. Our services are free and confidential!

Specialist Services

We work with a range of combat-related issues including brain injury, loss of limbs, PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse, and offer a range of in-house therapies specifically suited to addressing these issues.

Drop-in Services

Our drop-in service provides supplementary supports including financial, legal, and employment advice, guidance, advocacy, mentoring, educational training opportunities and referrals to other supporting organisations.

Help For Substance Misuse

We offer in-house counselling and support for drug and alcohol misuse using the 12-step approach and delivered by volunteers who have been through same experience.

Don’t Go It Alone

People who seek help for substance misuse are 30% more likely to stay in recovery.

Criminal Justice Support

Because there is often an overlap between substance misuse and the criminal justice system, we have specialist therapists and offender caseworkers on hand specifically able to support people facing criminal charges for substance misuse.

Family Members Welcome

As well as people directly engaged is substance misuse, we can offer support and guidance to family members looking to support their loved ones, or who simply want to access some kind of emotional support for themselves.


Mode is also actively involved in various research projects, most recently assisting a PhD student from the University of Manchester with two studies exploring the use of Method of Levels therapy in schools.

Study 1 | Study 2