Mode Awarded £30k From the Veterans’ Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Mode Rehabilitation has recently been awarded £30,000 by the Veterans’ Foundation to run a series of 300 FREE counselling and support clinics to veterans in Stockport and South Manchester.

Research by Help for Heroes has shown that 30% of veterans suffering the mental impact of war have never asked for support, and that even those who do wait four years on average to seek help.

Furthermore, the 2019 “Mental Health and the Armed Forces: The Provision of Care” report revealed that veterans in England wait an average of 18 days for an assessment from the ‘Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service’ but that even after assessment can be left to wait up to 1 YEAR(!) before receiving treatment.

There are currently around 83,000 veterans living in Greater Manchester, with around 22,524 residing in Stockport specifically.

According to The British Journal of Psychiatry, the rate of common mental disorders for veterans is around 22%, putting the number of veterans with mental health issues in Manchester and Stockport at around 18,260 and 4,955 respectively.

£30,000 of funding will enable us to offer 300 days, or between 1200-2100 counselling sessions, completely free of charge to a good proportion of these veterans.

With this level of availability we are confident that we could offer local veterans an assessment within 48 hours and the commencement of treatment within one week, thus reducing waiting times for assessment and treatment by 16 days and 51 weeks, respectively, compared to the national average.

Our goal moving forward is to establish ourselves as the primary first responder charity for military veterans in Stockport and South Manchester. This funding will enable us to succeed in that goal and we are extremely grateful to the Veterans’ Foundation for this opportunity!

If you are a local serving or former member of the British Military and would like to attend one of our FREE clinics, please get in touch!